Blast and Ballistic Testing Standards

Generally ComBlast trials are carried out in accordance with ISO 16933:2007 for blast testing and ISO 16935:2007 for ballistic testing. These standards define the required test conditions and instrumentation. But ComBlast trials can be conducted to meet a wide range of international standards, the main standards for blast and ballistic testing are:

Links to sites where these standards can be downloaded or purchased are provided below. Often the client will specify which standard will be used for a particular project but if you are uncertain which to use or how to apply it please contact us and we be pleased to advise you.

With a little thought it is possible to test a sample to meet the requirements of more than one standard. If none of these standards meet your requirements please contact us as we will be happy to develop a suitable test procedure for your needs

Links to Test Standards

ISO 16933:2007 can be purchased and downloaded at:

ASTM F 1642-04 can be purchased and downloaded at:

GSA-TS01-2003 can be downloaded free at:

BS EN 13123 can be purchased and downloaded at:

ISO 16935 can be purchased and downloaded at: