All ComBlast’s blast testing is carried out at the DNV GL’s Spadeadam Testing and Research Centre. ComBlast can conduct a wide range of blast testing to international standards.

Testing includes:

  • Arena trials, when a number of samples are tested using a single charge, with charges of typically 100kg to 500kg TNT equivalent.
  • Testing of single samples with charges of from 3kg to 20kg TNT equivalent.
  • Bespoke testing developed for the need of a particular product or project.

If possible ComBlast can arrange for customers to ‘share’ arena trials by putting a range of samples around a single charge, this can result in significant cost savings. When more than one customer is sharing a trial confidentially is maintained by ensuring that all participating organisations agree to a confidentiality agreement.

During blast trials measurements can be made with a wide range of instrumentation both to meet the requirements of the standard being applied and for you to learn more about the behaviour of your product.

Measurements can include:

  • High speed photography
  • Blast pressure measurement
  • Displacement
  • Strain

Please contact us about your blast testing requirement.