One Day Course

To be held by arrangement

This course is intended to provide attendees with an understanding of the ballistic threats that exist and the methods of testing materials and components to meet these threats. The attendees should also gain a basic understanding of the behaviour of materials under ballistic attack. This will be achieved by a combination of seminars and practical demonstrations.

The course will start with an overview of the range of ballistic threats that can impact building materials, vehicles and infrastructure. The conventional bullets and fragment simulating projectiles that are used to represent the most common threats will be described.

The next presentation will discuss the topic of ballistic test standards including both civilian and military standards for building components, body armour, vehicles and other items.

Following this, typical ballistic resistant design will be discussed, with consideration of projectile trajectory and the ballistic resistance of materials.

During the course a series of demonstration ballistic tests will be carried out to allow attendees to become familiar with the practical issues in carrying out ballistic testing. These tests will include demonstrations of the effects of a range of small arms weapon impacts on a variety of materials including steel, glazing, polycarbonate, masonry and concrete. The ballistic testing will be carried out in the DGA range and will allow the attendees to observe all aspects of ballistic testing.

The course will be held at D.J. Goode and Associates Ltd premises in West Suffolk. Attendees will be provided with copies of presentations and a buffet lunch

Course Fee

£ 395 excluding VAT


For more details of the course email or phone 01284 827472.


Please note that all course attendees will be subjected to security vetting.

More info available at the DGA News Page