Commercial Blast Testing – ComBlast 2018/2019

Welcome to Comblast.

Comblast is a cooperative programme run by Grendon Design Agency, D.J. Goode and Associates and DNV GL.

Since 2001, ComBlast has conducted blast and ballistic tests on glazing, doors, walling, HVM and many other products, giving our customers the opportunity of testing products independently. During previous ComBlast trials we have tested well over 100 samples for a wide range of customers.

ComBlast provides the following services.

  • Blast testing with charges of up to 500kg TNT equivalence.
  • Ballistic testing with a range of weapons.
  • Reporting of trials.
  • Explosive awareness training targeted to the needs of a variety of organisations

If possible ComBlast can arrange for customers to share trials by putting a range of samples around a single charge, this can result in a significant cost saving.

If you have forthcoming projects which require blast or ballistic testing or you may be involved in product development for blast or ballistic resistance, please contact us, we will be only too pleased to discuss your testing requirements.